Satan Rose Up

Interesting – 1 Chronicles 21 tells us that Satan rose up and caused David to take a census of the people of Israel.

How could a census be the work of Satan?

Joab pleads with David to stop – he know that David was leading the Israelites into sin.

But David doesn’t listen, the census is taken and 70,000 people die as punishment for it.  David now is repentant and he builds an altar to God on the threshing floor of Araunah.  This is the site where David’s son, Solomon, will build the temple for God.

What was Satan doing?  Romans 2 points out to us that a person with a heart that is changed by God seeks praise from God, not by people.  When David wanted a census taken, God could see his heart and he could tell David was not doing this to glorify God.  David was doing this to glorify himself  – he wanted to know exactly how big his kingdom had become.  He lost focus on who had given him everything he had and it started to be all about ‘me’.

This is the work of Satan.  He’s happy anytime he can get us to change our focus away from God to anything else – especially ourselves.   Because we’re easy prey for that one, aren’t we?

Thank you, dear Father, for all  you are and all you have given us.  Please help us keep our focus on you.

What do you think?

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