Problems Anyone?

God tells us several times throughout the Bible that we should rejoice when we have problems and trials.

That’s a real tough one.  We don’t want problems and trials.  They’re hard, it’s no fun. 

Those of us that have a little more ‘experience’ under our belts can look back and find this a little easier to understand.  Because it’s true.  Romans 5 tells us that problems help us develop endurance.  Endurance develops strength of character and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.

Endurance is a basic part of doing anything well for a long time.  Do we want to have a long marraige?  Do we want to have great kids who grow up to be great young adults?  Do we want to run our race of faith well all the way to the end?  It all takes endurance so it’s good to learn this early.

And we learn endurance by practicing it during problems and trials.  No one has to ‘endure’ through the good times.  When the going gets tough, we learn to endure by the things we do correctly and by our failures.  If we learn from our mistakes we get to call it a ‘life lesson’ and move on.  And hopefully we become more wise as we depend more and more on God,….as we endure.

Thank you, dear Father, for loving us enough to teach us endurance which strengthens our character and draws us closer to you.

What do you think?

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