Be Honest

Paul asks us to honest with ourselves in Romans 12.  He tells us not to think that we are better than we are.  And he tells us to measure ourselves by the faith God has given us.

Measure ourselves by the amount of faith we have in God.  Not by how many places we are serving God?   Not by how much money over our tithe we are giving God?  Not by how many years we’ve been going to church?  Not by how much time we spend in prayer and Bible study?

Paul clearly tells us here that what’s important to God – what he measures – is our trust in him and the depth of our relationship with him.  

Talk about clearing up any questions we have about our priorities!

All of the rest of the things I mentioned are good – they can be products of a deep and trusting faith.  Or not.  They can also just be responsibilities checked off a list or window-dressing of a life not wholly committed to God.

The question is – when God measures our faith, what does he find?

May you be pleased with the measure our faith, dear Father.

What do you think?

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