Against the Rules

King Hezekiah knew all of the rules about the purification that people needed to go through before celebrating the Passover.  There were a lot of preparations that needed to done and conditions to be met.

But in 2 Chronicles 30  he was in the process of bringing his people back to God and he knew this was a critical time.  People wanted to get right with God now – during this special time of the Passover.  Still- they weren’t purified.

According to the rules, only the people who had gone through the process of purification could participate and it wasn’t a quick process.  So, according to the rules, most of the people were going to miss this opportunity to celebrate the Passover.

King Hezekiah prayed for them and then told them to go ahead and eat the Passover meal anyway.  He said that he knew the Lord is good and would forgive them for the past if the people would decide to follow him now.  God listened and healed the people.

This was a pretty gutsy move – to go against the laws that God himself had given his people.  Yet, Hezekiah knew God well enough to know that God was always good.  He also knew that God would want his people to turn back to him.  Knowing that he was in step with God, Hezekiah was willing to take the risk.  And he was right.

Hezekiah’s actions are a role-model for us.  If we know God and we know we were in step with his will, we need to step out and take the risk when it comes to goodness and forgiveness. 

Dear Father, we want to know you well enough to take a risk when it comes to breaking the rules and sharing in your goodness.

What do you think?

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