As the Darkness Spreads…..

we live in the light!

Just like the Israelites did in Egypt.Ex 10

As one of the plagues, Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky and darkness spread over  Egypt.  It was so dark that no one could see anyone else for 3 days.

Yet the Israelites had light in the places where they lived.

It’s hard to ignore the darkness spreading through our culture today, isn’t it?  Turn on your TV and the immorality literally jumps out of the screen at us.  Respect for human lives is crumbling as the bullets fly.  Parents refusing to parent are ripping apart the fabric of our families.  The list is growing.

Yet Christ-followers live in the light of God’s truth and his mercy and his love.

Our future is as brighter than the sun.  Heaven has no need of a sun because God is there.  He is the source of all warmth and light and good things.  There is no darkness there.  Hallelujah!

And it’s a challenge to live like one who is in the light when we are surrounded by our world, isn’t it? We’re tempted to be sucked into the darkness, the confusion, the chaos.  It’s all around us….everywhere.

But it can’t touch us when we are firmly anchored on our Rock, who is God.  We are safe when we’re being held tightly in His grip – he’ll never let go.  When we live closely to God, his light shines into our lives and lights up our paths. 

In the midst of the darkness.

Thank you, dear Father.

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