How much more…….

Solomon didn’t ask God for wealth or a long life.  He didn’t ask God to kill his enemies.

Solomon asked for wisdom.  And God was very pleased by his request so he gave him a wise and discerning heart.

AND he made Solomon the richest man on earth.

So I wonder if God is pleased with my requests?  Or are my requests self-centered?  Are they based more on worry than trust?  Do I sound like I’m sitting on Santa’s lap sometimes with my long list of wishes?

I know God tells us again and again in the Bible to pray to him about everything and anything.  And I have learned to do that – it’s where I find peace.

But is he pleased with the tone and character of my requests like he was with Solomon’s?

Do I want the same things for others that God wants for them?  Am I asking for things that God wants to give them?

How much more is God wanting to give me…….if I would just ask?

How much wider and deeper could the flow of blessings from heaven flow down into my life if I asked for the right things?

How much more love, joy and peace is waiting……stored…..ready for me when I ask for it?

Dear Father, please give me a wise and discerning heart.



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