and pray.

Watch and pray.

Watch and pray.July 20 2013

God tells Jerusalem in Isaiah 62 that he had posted matchmen on it’s walls and these watchmen were never silent, day or night.

I know of a specific time in my life when God posted watchmen on my walls.

The watchmen were not silent. 

They watched.

And they prayed.

These watchmen were my mother and mother-in-law.  They were both Godly women who lived thousands of miles away from us but they knew my husband and I needed prayer.  So they prayed. 

They didn’t know the details but they prayed.

It was a time when my husband and I were making a lot of very important, life-changing decisions….

but we weren’t consulting God.

It was a time when we thought we were in control and we had a plan…..

but we never considered God’s purpose for our lives.

When I look back on that time, I am amazed at how well those HUGE decisions worked out.

And then I am reminded of the watchmen on our walls.  They were praying.  God was answering the prayers of our mothers in response to their faithfulness. 

We received the blessings of God through our mother’s prayers.  I still believe that God has a special interest in the fervent prayers of a faithful mother.

God calls each of us to be watchmen for others at different times through our lives.  To watch and pray.  To lift the cares of others up and lay them at the feet of the Father – knowing that all things are possible through him.  We don’t need to know the details because our Father knows them all.  And he cares about them all.

May we be found faithful, dear Father!

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