Dear Shepherd

You have searched for me and you have found me.September 1 2013

I was lost in darkness behind a barrier of trees made from bad decisions.  I was stuck in smelly mud made by doing whatever I wanted to do.  I had boulders of guilt and unforgiveness weighing me down so I couldn’t move.

You found me and you rescued me.

You have guided me to a good pasture where I can feed on your Word and be content.   You have guided me to a land high in the mountains – closer to you.  Every direction you give me guides me farther up the mountain where the pasture grows greener and thicker and deeper and wider.  Peace is here.  Joy is here.  You are here.

And you ask aa of us to join you in your search for other lost sheep.  We have found the good pasture and now we can show others the way.  You ask us to join you in binding the injured and strengthening the weak.

And we obey – in your name and for your glory.

Thank you, dear Shepherd.

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