Lamentations 3, 2013

Thank you, dear Father.august 30 2013

Because of your great love for us, we are not consumed by the culture that swirls around us, trying to draw us into it’s very popular web full of lies and deceptions.

Everyday we experience your compassion as you love us in spite of what we do, not because of anything good that we’ve done.  

As the sun rises every morning, we see your light and feel the warmth of your faithfulness, dear Father.  We take our next breath because you make it happen.

You are all.

You are everything.

You are our portion for today.  For this hour.  For this minute.

You lavish your goodness on us when we place our hope in you.  When we seek you, we find you,,,,,,,,, and we find joy and we find strength and we find peace.

It is good right now to sit quietly……

and to meditate on your word as you speak to us……….

the glory of your salvation is growing within us,

Great is your faithfulness, oh God my Father.

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