If we  saw a fire starting and knew people’s lives were at stake, we would scream “Fire!  Fire!  Fire! at the top of our lungs until help arrived and the people were saved.  We would, wouldn’t we?

September 3 2013God tells us in Ezekiel that we are the watchmen.  And when the watchmen see danger and destruction coming, they need to blow their trumpet to warn the people.  That’s their job. 

If the people heed the warning, they will be saved.  If not, they will pay the price.

If the watchmen fail to blow the trumpet and people’s lives are taken, the watchmen will also be held accountable by God for the deaths of the people.

Do we see danger and destruction coming for those who have not chosen Jesus as their Savior?  Do we see a truckload of physical, emotional and spiritual anguish rushing towards those who haven’t already started their eternal life with Christ?  Is eternal separation from all good things and God a big enough devastation for us to stand up and scream “Fire”? 

Now  is the time for us to get out our trumpet to warn the people.

We may not have tomorrow.


What do you think?

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