If You Believed

The Jewish leaders are persecuting Jesus in  book of John chapter 5 because they think he is breaking the laws that God gave to Moses.

Jesus responds to them, telling them that he is just doing what his Father does and  his Father is the same God that gave the laws to Moses,  Then he says that, if they really believed in Moses, they would believe in jesus.  Because Moses wrote about Jesus.

The Jewish leaders still refused to believe.Oct 25 2013

Their minds were closed and their hearts were hard.  The Messiah they were waiting for stood before them but they wouldn’t believe.

It appears like the only things they truly believed in were themselves and their rules and their status.

Such a sad thing.  They were committed whole-heartedly to the wrong things.

It is my hope and prayer that many of these Jewish leaders came to believe and trust in Jesus before it was too late for them.  I like to think that Nicodemus and his buddies were part of the 3000 who believed when Peter preached at Pentecost.

It would be such a tragedy for them to have known it all in their heads but then miss it with their hearts.

Dear Father, please help us keep our minds and hearts open to you.

What do you think?

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