You are the Light….

of the world, ” Jesus tells us in Matthew 5.

Our light should give light to everyone in our house.  It should shine out to the point that those who see it are impressed with our God.

So how bright is our light shining today?October 26 2013

It’s good to take an objective look at our faith journey at least once a year to make sure we’re still growing.  God has called us to shine His light right where we live so that others may be drawn to him.  And our goal should be to shine brighter and brighter every year until God brings us home to heaven.

To grow, we need to find more time and more ways to place our mind, body and spirit into God’s presence so he can transform us.  Worship, serving, prayer and Bible study with others and by ourselves are great ways for us to continue to grow into the people God created us to be.

Too often I see older Christians who have become discontent and crabby.  They don’t like what the pastor says or does.  They are extremely quick to point out anything and everything that’s wrong with their church and with their family.

I think God calls us to grow more Christ-like as we grow older, not more crabby.   As we walk this path of faith, we are supposed to be learning more patience and more compassion and more contentment and more wisdom so we can become an increasing blessing to the people around us and our church family.

That’s my goal – to become more Christ-like, not more crabby.

What’s yours?

What do you think?

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