It Takes Teamwork

You could say that Moses won the battle with the Amalekites because the Israelites were winning when he stood on a hill nearby with his hands raised and they were losing when his hands got tired and he lowered them.  They couldn’t have won without him.Jan 27 2014

But they also couldn’t have won without Aaron and Hur who stepped up beside Moses when Moses’ arms got tired and they held his arms up for him.

And its pretty obvious that they wouldn’t have won without Joshua and all of the men who were actually fighting.

Each person had their purpose and, when each person did their part, they all won.

This is also how our churches are successful.  As the body of Christ, we each play a part.  We all need to do our part in order to win the battle we’re fighting against the forces of evil and darkness here on this earth who are trying to claim people’s souls.  Each of us need to be strong and courageous and faithful in fulfilling our duties as soldiers in God’s army.

So let us put on the armor of God every day and do our part to fulfill God’s purposes for us and to his Glory.


What do you think?

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