Just Emotions

The people of Israel have just made a covenant with God to love him and serve him for the rest of their lives and for the rest of the lives of generations to come.Jan 31 2014

A very short time later, when Moses had only been up at the top of the mountain with God for a month, the Israelites persuaded Aaron to make them an idol to worship because they ‘needed a god they could see.”  As soon as Aaron was done making them a golden calf, they began worshipping this idol and praising it for bringing them out of Egypt.


That’s what emotions will do to us if we let them determine our actions and committment level. 

We’ll be up!

We’ll be down.

We’ll be up!

We’ll be down.

We’ll be worshipping God one day….

and then worshipping money the next.

We’ll be worshipping relationships the next day….

and then our new big-screen TV the next.

Emotions can’t define our reality.  The Israelites had seen God divide the Red Sea for them.  God had literally provided their daily bread but they ‘felt’ that they needed a god they could see.  Those feelings led them on a roller coaster of disobedience and they paid harsh consequences for their choices.

Dear Father, we thank you for your Word to us.  We ask that you help us put our emotions and feelings under your control so that we can become rock solid in our love and committment to you.  We don’t want to go up and down, sway right and left depending on how we ‘feel’ each day.  May your truth be a compass for every minute of our lives.  We don’t want any gods that we can see….because they aren’t you.  We love and serve the One True God.  In the redeeming name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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