Sound the Trumpet!

‘When you go into battle, sound the trumpets.  Then the Lord will rescue you from your enemies.’
Feb 7 2014

The Israelite’s journey was just beginning.  They had their laws, they were numbered and their duties were assigned.  The Tabernacle was assembled and was ready to be taken down and reassembled whenever God directed.

The Promised Land was ahead of them but it was already occupied.  There were many battles to be fought.

We are also on a journey.  Our destination is not in sight – but we know where we’re going.

Between here and there, we will fight many battles.  And God reminds us in Numbers 10 to sound our trumpets so he will come fight our enemy with us.  The big difference for us is that we have the Spirit of God living inside of us so our cry for help doesn’t need to be a loud trumpet blast.  It can be a quietly whispered prayer – our Father God hears them all.

AND he comes to help us fight.  He comes to our rescue.

Thank you, dear God.

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