They Can’t Do That!

The Eastern tribes of Israel had left to go back over the Jordan after completing their promise to help conquer theMarch 15 2014 Promised Land for the rest of the tribes.  They left with Joshua’s blessing and with large herds of livestock, great quantities of clothing along with silver, gold, bronze and iron.

They built a replica of the altar of the Lord near the Jordan before going over to the other side to their land.

March 15 2 2014The Western tribes were angered by this and gathered to go to war against their brothers.  They sent a priest along with the chief man of each tribe to go talk to the Eastern tribes.

They accused the Eastern tribe of breaking their faith with God of Israel and building an altar in their rebellion.

The Eastern tribes explained that this altar had a very different purpose.  They were worried that the Western tribes would someday forget that they all worshipped the same God so they built this altar as a witness to everyone that they shared the same God.March 15 4 2014

The Western tribes went home and happily reported to everyone the good news.

What could have been a deadly war between brothers turned into a celebration of unity. 

Because they talked about it.  Everyone listened to the other side before taking action.

True wisdom.

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