We all go through a lot of tests in our life.  God sometimes tests our faith just like he tested Israel’s faith in Judges 2.  I think Satan also tests us in some of our weakest moments to see if we’ll sin and make his smile.March 17 2014

Sometimes we test ourselves to see if we’re up for a challenge.  And we all have people in our lives who test our patience every time we’re with them.

Lots of tests.  There are times that we pass the test and others where we fail.  We read about how the Israelites failed some of their tests over and over and over again.  They would fall into sin but, fortunately, they would also repent.

Repenting is the key to keeping our relationship right with God.  God knows what we’ve done, we’re just agreeing with him that it’s a sin when we repent.  True repentance includes a genuine attempt at turning away from the sin – trying not to do it again.  If we don’t intend to try to stop the sin, we are not repenting no matter what words come out of our mouths.

And God is not pleased with empty promises to change.

2 thoughts on “Tested

  1. For the past week I’ve been having some work related issues and today, about an hour ago, I received an email that in a nutshell stated that if I don’t except the rules I should resign. That felt like someone punched the air out of my lungs. I am still shocked as I write this comment. I definitely feel liked my faith is being tested. If push comes to shove I am going to resign. The scary thing is I have no clue where I am going to get my next job. This is so scary. Reality just hit me HARD!!!!! All I can do is keep praying I guess.

    1. And I’ll pray with you. Being tested is always very hard. We often don’t see anything good in it until later, when we look back. When I’m in a situation like your’s, I’ll pray that God opens doors and shuts doors in order to lead me where he wants me to go. And then I would go to work, in your case, and watch to see what God is doing. Is he opening doors? Is he shutting doors? Because I want to be working where God wants me to work. If he shuts the door, he has a different plan for me, a different job, a different purpose. It definitely takes faith to watch, see him moving and then obey.

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