If You Were Wise

We are in one of my favorite sections of the Chronological Bible.  This is where June 17 2014 if they listened.some of the prophets seem much more relevant to me because this Bible has them speaking God’s word directly to the kings who were actually ruling at the time.

Hosea spoke to 5 kings from both Judah and Israel.  Hosea tells them God offers them acceptance and forgiveness if they will repent and be faithful.

Hosea tells the priests they have been rejected by God because they have led the people into idolatry.  When Israel’s repentance only lasts a short time, Hosea points out their deceitfulness.

Hosea predicts captivity for Israel when they experience the wrath of God and their kingdom is destroyed.  The book of Hosea ends with a promise of forgiveness from God if they will turn back to him.

Hosea says to them (my version): “If you were wise, you would have figured this out.  You would understand that God is right and you should be following his directions for you.”

But they didn’t listen.  Instead, rebellious Israel continued down their path of destruction which took them into captivity and slavery.

What about us – you and me?

What path are we are on today?

How well are we listening?

Is it time for us to turn back to God?

Are we following God’s directions for us?

Dear Father, Please give us wisdom.


What do you think?

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