Too Comfortable

Are we too comfortable?

Too set into our religious routines? June 21 2014  Call it like it is

Too focused on our own schedules?  Our own happiness?

Too content in ‘living the good life’?

God appointed Amos who was a  just a shepherd to warn powerful and successful King Jeroboam about these very things.

Israel’s worship was meaningless to them and so it was meaningless to God.

They were enjoying their life of excess while the weak and poor that lived around them continued to be oppressed.

They were focused on themselves.  They just didn’t care about others.

God warned Israel that he would take it all away if they didn’t turn back to him.

Complacency, pride and empty worship did not please God.

Today would be a good day to consider our own lives.  Do any of these things describe us?  Have we started down a path toward any of these behaviors?

Please open our eyes, dear God. 



What do you think?

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