Call It What It Is

Today, as we read chapter 5, Isaiah looks us in the eye and says:

‘Trouble is coming to you who play with sin, acting like it’s not sin.

You’re deceiving yourselves.June 23 2014 Too Comfortable

You say that you don’t know what God, the Holy One of Israel, wants from you.”

(If Isaiah was in my livingroom right now, he would point at the Bible on my lap and tell me that I know 98% of what God wants me to know.  I just need to do it and God will tell me the rest as I go).

Isaiah says, ” You’re going to regret it whenever you call evil good.” ( we have a name for this – rationalization.)

“You will have trouble every time you say that darkness is light, every time you say that something bitter is actually sweet.

And you will regret every time you think you are wise and clever when the truth is – you’re not.”

Please help us stop the rationalizations, dear Father.


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