Our Confidence

We are blessed when we put our trust in the Lord.July 31 2014 Our Confidence

When we are confident in our relationship with him, we are like a tree he has planted right by the water.  Our faith grows like strong roots- stretching far out into the stream.

Then we don’t have to worry when the ‘heat’ comes – problems, discouragement, heartbreak.  We are always fed by God’s stream of water so our faith remains alive and strong.

We don’t have to worry about the drought – illnesses, loss of employment, broken relationships – because we are permanently attached to a constant source of Living Water.  As a result of this connection, we consistently bear fruit in our lives.

Jeremiah draws this picture for us in his 17th chapter and it’s just like the picture given us in Psalm 1.  Why does God keep giving us this image on how to be blessed?  Why is he etching these words so deeply onto our hearts?


Are we getting the message yet?

Thank you, dear Father!

What do you think?

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