Follow with Care

King Josiah brought about wide-spread religious reforms in Judah which included cleaning out the temples of anything related to idols or pagan worship.  While doing this, they found the Book of the Law of the Lord which had been given to Moses.  The king ordered that it be read to all of the people and then they all renewed their covenant with the one True God.August 2 2014 Follow with care

King Josiah brought all of the priests together and slaughtered them.  The priests had been given a holy position of authority and responsibility and they had led the people astray with it.  They not only told the people that idol worship was good, they led the worship and participated in all of the pagan rituals.

They led.

And the people followed.

The lesson for us is that we need to be very careful about who we are following.  And where they are taking us.Aug 2 2014 2 same one

I regularly hear of church families which have wandered down paths that have taken them far away from God’s truth.  With their pastor and church leaders leading the way.

We each need to know God’s Word well enough to be able to discern if our leaders start to veer off.  When we know the truth well, it’s much easier to tell what is false.

There are numerous issues in the Bible which are not totally clear so these are not the issues that should cause us alarm.  There are various  ‘theories’ and ‘positions’ regarding these unclear items.  Many of us choose a certain type of church because their view on an issue matches our view.

The denomination of churches which I was brought up in and joined when I moved to Phoenix doesn’t believe in the Rapture.  So I never heard of it before I became an adult and the Left Behind series came out.  The Bible isn’t clear so, selfishly, I’d like the Rapture to happen before the Tribulation so that I’m out of here. (If I went to seminary, I would say that I’m ”Pre-Trib”)   If none of that happens, I’m still on the original plan of dying before I get to heaven.

We can choose to believe what we want to believe about many of these issues – they don’t change our salvation.  If it was super-important, God would have made it super-clear.  Like John 3:16.  Salvation.  Clear.  John 14:6. One Way.  Clear.

Our pastors and church leaders have been given holy positions of authority and responsibility to lead and care for Jesus’ flock.

We have also been given a holy position with responsibility – to follow with care.

Help us know the truth, dear Father.

What do you think?

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