They Couldn’t Do It!

They tried to find something to charge Daniel with but they couldn’t do it.  They found him to be trustworthy, without corruption or negligence.Sept 22 2014 They couldn't do it

This reminds me of the prayer Jesus prayed for us.  In the garden, he prayed for ‘those who would believe’ because of the disciple’s obedience in spreading the Good news.  That’s us! He prayed that we would live in unity with him and with each other.

Jesus prayed that the world would look at us and then be able to believe in him.  He knew we weren’t going to be perfect.  But he also knew that, after his sacrifice on the cross, we were going to be redeemed.

And there should be obvious proof of that redemption in our lives.

We have been forgiven and now we can forgive others.

Our Father God lavishes his love on us and now we can love others.

We have been richly blessed and now we can bless others.

Yes, we are redeemed!

And the people around us should be able to tell it because we forgive, we bless and we love.

Thank you, dear Jesus.

What do you think?

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