Close Encounters of the Best Kind

I lost my book last week.  And I really wanted to find my book.October 13 2014 Close encounters

It’s Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst and the Holy Spirit has been opening up my eyes to some new-to-me truths about God’s directions to us about food.  I’m beginning to understand how much God cares about what we eat and this book as great lists of specific scriptures.  All of my notes about this journey so far are also in that book.

And I couldn’t find it.

I looked Everywhere!

And then the next day I looked Everywhere again!

I was just reading it last Sunday – it can’t have gone very far, could it?  Did it accidentally get thrown away?  Going through the trash was definitely my extreme last resort.

Very frustrating!

So…..finally…..I asked God to show me where my book was.

He immediately responded by reminding me that I had been reading books to my little granddaughter, Eden, last Sunday on the same couch where I had been reading my Made to Crave book.  When I went to look in my pile of grand darling books, what did I find?

You got it – my Crave book!

Why did I wait so long to ask God?  He’s helped me find things before – several times.  He proves over and over that he cares for the smallest details of my life.  He knew where my book was – I just needed to ask.   I’m continuing to learn more and more about how he really cares about the details of my life – even what I eat and how often I exercise.

He cares about it all.  And he’s there for me, every time.  I just need to remember this – and more quickly next time!

I love you, dear Father!

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