God Never Changes

We’re doing great on our Journey towards the Truth!

It’s the middle of October and, chronologically, we move 400 years forward into the New Testament.

We have been reading and meditating on the Old Testament for 10 months.  So many new insights!  New thoughts!  New direction!

Now is a good time to look back and evaluate our journey.  Are we closer to God now than we were in January?  Have we opened up our hearts to his transforming power in new areas?  Are we different now?  More Christ-like?  Are we letting God change us as we soak in his truth?

Thank you, dear Father, for the Old Testament.  We have learned so much about you!  We see your relationship with the Jews and we recognize that you are the same God now that you were then.  You never change.  So we know you better every time we read and study the Old Testament.  We would be missing out on all of the things we’ve learned this last 10 months if we didn’t study the Old Testament.  We look forward to reading the New Testament – the account of your son’s time here on earth and what his disciples did after he went to heaven.

Thank you for the free gift of salvation you have given us through the sacrifice made by your son, Jesus.  We ask that you open up our eyes to the new truths you have ready for us in the New Testament.

In the redeeming name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

What do you think?

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