We Know His Voice

Nov 5 2014 We know his voice 1We can follow Jesus, our Great Shepherd.  We can know what he is telling us –

when we know his voice.

And we know his voice by reading his word to us.  We know what he is saying to us when we don’t have a Bible in front of us because we have read his words before.  We’ve read it many times.   We’ve heard this before.  We’ve prayed about it many times.

We know his voice.

And we listen to his voice.

We let Jesus change us…..Nov 5 we know his voice 3. jpg

transform us…

renew our minds so that we think thoughts that are more like his.

We let Jesus change our hearts so that, more and more, we love the things that he loves.

Baby step by baby step we are becoming more like Jesus.

And it becomes easier to hear him with every step.

Because we’re closer.

Let’s keep moving closer.

Thank you, dear Jesus, for being our personal shepherd.  We love hearing your voice! 

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