He Whispers

If I’m not careful, I’ll miss it.

I’ve missed it before – God speaking to me.

Just like with Elijah, God doesn’t speak to me in a terrible blast of flying rocks or in an earthquake or in a fire. “After the fire came a gentle whisper.” 1 Kings 19:12

God often speaks to me in what feels like a whisper – a faint breeze of truth and light that flits through my mind.  I have to stop, concentrate and reach out to catch it.

If I’m not careful, it’s gone.

If I’m not purposefully opening up my spiritual eyes and mind, the spark moves on.  And I’m left wandering, ‘When God is going to answer my prayer?   When will I see him move?’

When I am quiet,

when I am focused,

when I don’t let distractions derail my time with God, I hear him loud and clear.

God’s Word is alive – he will underline passages in my Bible (you wouldn’t see it but I do), he will point out a sentence to me by making it bold print (again – in my mind) and sometimes his voice will start reading a passage in my head when he wants me to really stop and hear. This is especially true when he is talking about how much he loves me. Yes, I know my Father God’s voice. It makes it easy to discern his truth from all the other voices surrounding me, including mine.

There are situations where God simply opens up my eyes to how he has already answered my prayer.  He has taken care of the issue and moved on.  Keep up!

That’s when I realize how much I miss when I’m not quiet,

when I’m not ‘zoned in” enough to hear the whispers and feel his breeze of truth ruffling the pages of my Bible.

Please open my eyes, open my ears, Abba Father.

I know that Voice

Has this happened to you?  I’m in a crowded place where many people are talking and then one lone voice clearly sticks out of the noise.

I know that voice.

It’s somebody I know and I instantly recognize it and turn toward it.  In the past this voice has often been one of my children or my husband or a close friend.

That is also how it is for me with God’s voice.  His voice pierces through all the other voices around me.  Because I know him.

Little Samuel was just getting to know God in 1 Samuel so when he heard a voice in the middle of the night, he thought it was Eli, the High Priest.  So Samuel would run to Eli every time he heard this voice and Eli would tell him he didn’t call him.  The third time this happened, Eli realized that God was calling to the little boy.  Eli had heard God’s voice often so he told the little boy what to say, “Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”

And God spoke.  Samuel obeyed.

After that, God became Samuel’s constant companion as he grew up.

Have you heard God’s voice?

In my life, the more I study God’s Word and know what he says, the easier it has become to hear him.  I have heard him teach me and reveal truth to me for many years as I have read and studied the Bible.  I know his voice.

I have also been seriously memorizing chapters in the Bible for several years so I have God’s Word etched on my brain.  When he wants to give me direction and wisdom, he will highlight some of the verses I have written in my mind and speak to me through those verses.  There is no doubt who is speaking to me when he’s speaking God’s word.  And I know it’s the truth, not some whispered lies of Satan.

There are occasions when a person is speaking to me about something in the Bible and God will say in my head, “You know that’s not true.  You have read my Word and you know this is not what I have said.”  Sometimes God will give me an opportunity to ask where this person has read this in Bible so we can discuss it and sometimes I don’t get a chance to ask.  Either way,  God is helping me keep in line with his truth.

There are situations where God does the exact opposite.  Someone I’m talking with will share a new understanding or experience they had with God and it will immediately ring true in my brain – that’s  God!  And then I get to celebrate with this person because they are getting to know God better and they will continue to have more and more of these experiences when they stay on this path.

A critical part of creating this open communication with God is what happens after he talks to me.  I need to obey.  If I don’t listen and obey, I will not hear God as clearly next time.  Just like Samuel, I need to say, “Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”  And then I need to do what God says – that’s how it works.

God’s voice is the most important voice in my life.

I know his voice.

Do you?

Please open our eyes and ears, Abba Father.

How Do I Know?

What choice should I make?

What direction should I go?sign_roadsign_world_270309_l

What am I supposed to be doing?

We have lots of questions for God.

And there won’t be any answers unless we’re listening.  Unless we’re watching.

If I’m listening and watching – believing that God will direct my life – then I will get answers to my questions.

I don’t believe in coincidences.  When conversations/things I read/things I hear line up with each other, I call that a God-incidence.

God is speaking.

He is answering.

He is guiding.

road-closedI can choose to pay attention and relate his answer to my situation and know which way he is pointing.

Or I can just call it a coincidence and go on with my own plans, still wondering how other people hear God speaking to them so clearly.

As I read about the Wise Men going to visit Jesus, I realize they were pagan kings but they showed their wisdom when they correctly interpreted the dream they had and did not go back to Herod to tell him where Jesus was.  The Wise Men went home by a different route.  They were watching.  That’s how they saw the star that led them to Jesus in the first place.  And they were aware that a supernatural event was going on so they realized the dream also had significance.

It wasn’t a coincidence.

How about us?

Do we realize that there is a supernatural thing going on?  When we are redeemed, God’s Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us.  He resides in our mind, in our heart and in our soul.

And he guides us – supernaturally.  If we watch.  If we listen.

And the closer our relationship with God becomes, the easier it is to hear him….

because we know his voice.

Thank you, Abba Father.



Living Within Us

When we accept Jesus as our Savior,   God gives us eternal life AND the gift of his Spirit who guides us through life here on earth.

God’s Spirit reveals truth to us.  He shows us areas of our lives that need to change.

He speaks to us.  You know the little voice in our heads that we call our conscience?  That is the sense of right and wrong that God planted inside each of us.  When we become Christ-followers, God’s Spirit uses that voice to talk to us.  As we learn more about God and walk closer to him, that voice grows louder.



Easier to understand.May 14 2016 Living within us

We become more confident that we’re hearing from God because his voice in our head and what we’re reading in God’s word line up.  They are saying the same thing.

God’s spirit is alive within us!  What a miracle!

We are so blessed!

In our Journey through the Bible, we are reading in 1 Kings about King Solomon building a temple for God.  He asked God why he would come down to live in this temple with mere humans.

How amazing that, because of what Jesus did for us, God not only dwells on earth, his Spirit now dwells within every believer!

Solomon was very wise but not even he could have predicted that God had such a radical plan for redeeming us!

For God so loved the world!

Thank you, Abba Father.


We Know His Voice

Nov 5 2014 We know his voice 1We can follow Jesus, our Great Shepherd.  We can know what he is telling us –

when we know his voice.

And we know his voice by reading his word to us.  We know what he is saying to us when we don’t have a Bible in front of us because we have read his words before.  We’ve read it many times.   We’ve heard this before.  We’ve prayed about it many times.

We know his voice.

And we listen to his voice.

We let Jesus change us…..Nov 5 we know his voice 3. jpg

transform us…

renew our minds so that we think thoughts that are more like his.

We let Jesus change our hearts so that, more and more, we love the things that he loves.

Baby step by baby step we are becoming more like Jesus.

And it becomes easier to hear him with every step.

Because we’re closer.

Let’s keep moving closer.

Thank you, dear Jesus, for being our personal shepherd.  We love hearing your voice!