Blessed When Others Give

Ruth, a Moabite woman, decided to go back to her mother-in-law’s homeland with her after both of their husbands died.  We read in Ruth 2 that, when they got back to Bethlehem, Ruth went to the field of her clansmen to pick the leftover grain.march 22 2015 blessed by other's extras

This reminded me of the section we read in Deuteronomy a couple of weeks ago where God commanded the Israelites to leave the excess grain in the field after harvesting – they were not to go back over the field.  This excess was for the poor, the strangers and the widows in their community.

Now we see Ruth and Naomi benefitting from this command.

How interesting!

Especially considering that Ruth would become the great-grandmother of King David and this puts her in the lineage of Jesus.  She was an important person in our family of faith.

And God provided for her through other people giving away their excess.

We know God still does this today.  When we give ‘stuff’ away, others benefit.  God provides for others using the stuff that we clean out of our closets or our sheds or our garages.

That reminds me – there are a couple of tubs of ‘stuff’ in my shed I really need to go through.  I haven’t thought of those tubs since we moved in 4 years ago.  There might be some good things I can pass along as a blessing to someone else.  We obviously don’t use it  🙂

Please open our eyes, Abba Father.

4 thoughts on “Blessed When Others Give

    1. The Bible is referring to grain in the field that has value. If the owner went back through the field and picked it again, they could sell the grain. It was good. I think that makes it clear about what kinds of things we should be giving away out of our excess – it’s valuable, good, clean stuff. I’m glad to say that I finally cleaned out our shed this weekend and tackled those 4 bins that we stuffed in there when we moved in 4 years ago. I threw away quite a bit of stuff because it wasn’t valuable. I recycled anything I could. Then a couple of things actually came in the house and my grandson had a good time playing with those last night. I also have several bags and a couple of bins to give away. All good stuff that someone else will find valuable. I just don’t use it anymore. From my experience, everyone’s definition of junk is different but unbroken, clean, having all its parts and slightly used are all good descriptors of things that have value and someone else can be blessed when we give it away.

      1. We definitely have a wasteful society. God is challenging us in these passages to be a great steward with our ‘extras’. I know he really challenged me to make sure I don’t have ‘excess’ piled up in my house and garage which others could really benefit from.

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