Caleb is one of my Heroes

I want to be like Caleb.  Every time the Bible mentions him, he is faithfully following God.

He and Joshua were in the group of spies Moses sent to the Promised Land.  They were the only men of the group that said the Israelites should take the land.  They believed that God would give them victory over the large warriors that inhabited the land and all of the huge fortified cities.  Because of their strong faith, Joshua and Caleb were the only 2 people from their generation who actually got to go into the Promised Land.March 13 2015 Caleb is my hero

Caleb is not mentioned often in the Bible but, when he is, he is always doing what pleases God.  He is always believing in God, obeying God and is willing to stand up for his beliefs against opposition.

What a great role-model!  That is why he is one of my heroes in the Bible.

He isn’t one of the main players in history.  But, when it counts, he could always be counted on.

We can’t all live the epic life of faith in the spotlight that Abraham and Moses lived.  They were central characters right in the middle of what God was doing.  Most of us are called to be like Caleb – on the sidelines but faithfully playing our part in what God is doing.  We need to consistently stay on course to complete the purpose God has given us – always ready to support the Abrahams and Moses’ of our time who are up on stage, leading and also just trying to obey the call that God has put on their lives.  We encourage them.  We pray for them.

As we travel this road of faith together…..

always ready to listen to God.

always ready to obey.


Please help us follow Caleb’s example, all for your glory, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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