Psalm 16, 2015

When I am close to you, I feel safe, my God.

You represent everything that’s good in my life, dear Father.April 29 2015  Psam 16 2015

I love to spend time with people who love you, God.  Those who are too busy running after their own desires will never find their security in you.  They will only suffer the consequences for their choices.

As for me, I refuse to consider anything in my life to be more important than you.

You are everything I need, dear Lord.

I can rest in you.

I want to be exactly where you want me to be.  That is where I find joy.

Thank you for teaching me your truth.  I am writing your words on my heart so your truth can guide me day and night.

With you, I have nothing to fear.

So I sing praises to you, secure in your love and grace.  I know you will never abandon me.  You walk close beside me every day.

I am filled with joy knowing that you are with me today, tomorrow, forever.

Thank you, Abba Father.

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