Psalm 67, 2015

May God be gracious to us and bless us.

As we look up to the sun and see the light, maybe we also look up to God and see his face full of love shining down on us.

We want to know you, dear God, here on earth.April 30 Psalm 67, 2015

May the Good News of your salvation spread through all of the nations!

We praise you, God!

May all people join us as we sing your praises, filled with joy and gladness!

You are a perfect father, guiding us and disciplining us.

We praise you, our God!

Let all people join in as we praise you!

You, our God, provide for all of our needs.  You have blessed us in the past and you continue to bless us today.

It is our prayers that everyone here on earth will come to know the blessings of putting their faith in you.

Amen, let it be so, dear Father.

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