He is More Grand

(Pictures taken on my recent trip to the Grand Canyon)GC red rocks

My eyes are filled with wonder, dear Father.

I look with breathless amazement at this Grand Canyon, the work of your hands.

The pinks, the reds, the blues, the purples and the greens!

I praise you for all of the colors of the rainbow!

Thank you for the extreme care you took in designing my eyes so I can enjoy the rest of your creation!

The canyon is so huge!

And reminds me of your love for me – how deep!  How wide! How high!

DSC_0196I feel so small….just a spot of dust that is here for a short time and then will blow away.

You are so significant! Who am I that you should care for even the hairs on my head?

But then I remember your words to me – I am your child.  You have adopted me for eternity and I matter to you.  You promise me that you have great plans for me and that you will not stop until those plans are complete.

Yes, dear Father!

I am not insignificant to you.  Thank you for the confidence that knowledge gives me!DSC_0178

As I watch a rain cloud float over the canyon, sending its rain down to the bottom of the canyon, I remember the storm clouds that regularly float into my life.  And I know that you are right beside me every time the rain falls…everytime the wind howls…everytime the storm tries to blow me away from you.  So I hold on even tighter and find my security in you.

I feel like I could look into this canyon forever and continue to see something new each time I looked.  I feel that same way about your precious Word to me.  Everytime I read it, opening my mind and heart, I read something new.

Something important.

Something very good.

Some new truth that I need to know.

Yes, this canyon is pretty grand.

But you are much more grand, Abba Father!  Your grandeur stretches out into infinity.  I get to see small bits and pieces of your awesomeness here on earth.  You are so much more!  Your creation is just a small reflection of your magnificence and beauty.

You are so much more!



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