Psalm 119 (aleph), 2015

You bless us when we make decisions and choices that are in line with your word, oh God.

You bless us when our actions are guided by your truth.May 3 Psalm 119 aleph 2015

You bless us when we seek you with all of our hearts.

When we follow your directions to us, we are right where you want us to be.

You have given us all the guidance we need.  Now its our turn to do our part – and that’s to obey.

I want to be obedient, dear Father!

Then I will have no regrets.  No shame.  No guilt when I read your word and realize the difference between my behavior and how you want me to behave.

I want to be able to praise you with a heart fully committed to living my life according to your plan.

Please help me live a life of obedience to you!

Amen, let it be so, Abba Father.

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