No Doubts

Satan and his team had no doubts about who Jesus was when he walked on the earth.

They knew exactly who he was.Oct 24b 2015 No doubts

In Mark 1, the evil spirit said to Jesus, “I know who you are  – the Holy One of God.” ( vs 24).

Why were so many other people blind to the true identity of Jesus?  Satan’s army proclaimed it but people still didn’t get it.

Unfortunately,  we can still be extremely blind to the presence of Jesus and his Holy Spirit in our lives today.

Jesus is alive.

His Spirit lives within all believers.

This is the same power that brought Lazarus back to life!

In us.


Dear Jesus, we know you are the Holy One of God.  Thank you for filling our lives with your power and love and peace.  Amen. Hallelujah!


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