They Looked For Him

They looked,

but they were looking in the wrong place.

After Jesus was crucified, he was buried and a large stone was rolled over the front of his grave.  Three days later, Mary Magdalene and several other women went to the tomb with burial spices to finish anointing Jesus’ body.  His body had been hastily placed in the tomb because he died right before the Sabbath so they couldn’t complete the work.

Now the women came to finish the preparation of his body for final burial.

Imagine their surprise when they saw the huge stone rolled away from the tomb with an angel sitting on it!  The soldiers guarding the tomb had fainted when the angel appeared so they were laying all over the ground in front of the stone.

Then the angel spoke to the women, “Don’t be afraid.  I know you are looking for Jesus who was crucified.  He isn’t here!  He is risen from the dead, just like he said would happen.”

Jesus was no longer in the grave.

He was alive!

He is alive!

He left earth but he send the Holy Spirit who lives inside of each person who puts their faith in Jesus.  The Spirit guides us and encourages us – helping to transform us from the inside out.

Today, many people are still looking for what only Jesus can give.  They are looking for things like fulfillment, peace, guidance, purpose and love.  But our world disappoints us with only fleeting glimpses of these things.

Jesus was, is and always will be The Way.  He guides me on the right path, teaches me his unchanging truth and has given me eternal life with him.  My eternal life has started here on earth and will continue when Jesus walks with me into heaven some day.

I don’t have to look any farther.

Thank you, Jesus.

No Doubts

Satan and his team had no doubts about who Jesus was when he walked on the earth.

They knew exactly who he was.Oct 24b 2015 No doubts

In Mark 1, the evil spirit said to Jesus, “I know who you are  – the Holy One of God.” ( vs 24).

Why were so many other people blind to the true identity of Jesus?  Satan’s army proclaimed it but people still didn’t get it.

Unfortunately,  we can still be extremely blind to the presence of Jesus and his Holy Spirit in our lives today.

Jesus is alive.

His Spirit lives within all believers.

This is the same power that brought Lazarus back to life!

In us.


Dear Jesus, we know you are the Holy One of God.  Thank you for filling our lives with your power and love and peace.  Amen. Hallelujah!


Kind of Sad

As we read through the last chapters of Judges, we see that the Israelites were trying to take care of problems and issues but they were still making bad decisions. March 24 2015 Kind of Sad

The tribes were fighting against each other and almost anihilated the Benjamites.

After all the other tribes made a vow against the Benjamites, they quickly proceeded to figure out a ‘work around’ to the vow.

They were obviously struggling.

And its kind of sad.

But – think about it – they didn’t have the word of God written out for them like we do.  The Bible I have opened on my lap right now is a huge blessing.  I can read God’s word anytime I want.

They also didn’t have the Holy Spirit living inside of them like we do.  What a difference!  We have a constant companion who will guide us and comfort us and reveal the truth to us and correct us – we just need to listen and do our part.

I can’t imagine trying to live a life that pleases God without having the Holy Spirit.

It would probably look a lot like what the Israelites went through in the Old Testament.

Thank you, dear Father, for the blessings of your word and your Holy Spirit in our lives.