Treachery and Deceit


Conspiracies.Jan 14 2015 treachery and deceit.



As we read the historical account of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Genesis, we have a clear view of man’s sin and weaknesses.  Over and over, this family lies to each other and  steals from each other.  Even members of the extended family are liars and cheaters.

We also see how patient and merciful God is.  He blessed Abraham’s family even while they were cheating and lying to each other.Jan 14 2016 b treachery and deciet

One notable exception to God’s mercy in this story are Sodom and Gomorrah.  Words must not do justice to how evil these cities were to warrant God sending down fire and brimstone upon them.  They obviously just needed to be gone so God took take of it.

But God showed mercy to Abraham’s family in spite of their legacy of treachery and deceit.

This is good news for us.

Because we mess up.  We sin.

And God sent his son, Jesus, to pay the price that needed to be paid for all of our sin for all time.

We live each day in God’s mercy.

We live each day in God’s love.  In his blessing.

Not because we have every done anything to deserve it.  We will never deserve it.

Salvation is a free gift to anyone who will believe.

And it’s the very best gift our loving Father could ever give us.

Thank you, Abba.


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