What is in Your Hand?

What do we already have?

How can we use it for God’s purposes?Jan 22 2016 what is in your hand

We may think we’re not smart enough or rich enough or talented enough for God to use us.

Moses thought he didn’t speak well enough to go back to Egypt and talk to Pharoah for God.  He was also afraid that the Israelites wouldn’t believe that God had sent him.

Moses was afraid because he was focused on himself.

God, Creator of the Universe, has no limitations.

He used what Moses already had in his hand – a staff.

Today, God asks us to do the same thing – to use what he has already given us.

And to trust that he’ll show up.  He will accomplish his purpose through us.  Through our faith in him.  When we’re focused on God and not our own limitations.

What do we already have in our hands that we can use for God’s purposes?

Please open our eyes, Abba Father.

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