Faltering Faith

Do I really believe that God can do anything?



I might say that because it’s in the Bible so I know its true.

Yes, I know it’s true.

But do my actions show that I really believe it?

God is teaching us in the historical account of Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt that he really can do anything.Jan 23 2016 faltering faith c

It’s the same lesson he had to teach Moses thousands of years ago.  Because Moses’ faith and trust in God needed to grow if he was to become the great leader God knew he could be.  The great leader his people needed him to be.

As we read the account, we get clear glimpses of Moses’ lack of faith.  In Exodus 6, Moses starts bring up excuses for not doing what God wants him to do because of his ‘faltering lips”.

It wasn’t his lips that were faltering – it was his faith.

At this point, he didn’t really believe God could use him to free the Israelites.Jan 23 2016 faltering in faith

And that lack of faith shows.  It shows up in his words.  It shows up in his actions.

God had told Moses that he was going to use Pharoah’s hardened heart, his stubbornness, his pride.  God was going to strike the Egyptians with wonders so Pharoah would know Who is was dealing with.  God even told Moses that he was going to kill Pharoah’s first-born son.Jan 23 2016 faltering faith b

God laid it all out for Moses but Moses just didn’t have enough faith at this time to believe and act on that belief.

Not yet.

One of the great lessons we can learn from the Exodus story is that our faith can grow just like Moses’ did.

Yes, his faltering faith was pretty evident in the beginning.

But that changed.

Moses let his interactions with God transform him.  The better he knew God, the more his faith grew.

Later, whenever the people of Israel were afraid, Moses was the one reassuring them – loudly proclaiming a rock solid faith that God would deliver them.  Moses’ old faltering faith had been replaced with a close relationship with God which made Moses one of our famous patriarchs of faith.

So – – do we really believe that nothing is impossible with God?

And, if we believe this, how does it show up in our actions?  Our decisions?  Our choices?

How solid is our faith?

We love you, Abba Father.




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