Details Matter

God cares about the details.

Feb 2 2016 detailsWe see this very clearly as we read through the end of Exodus as the Israelites are building the Tabernacle for God.

It’s definitely not the most interesting part of the Bible. 😦

But I lift praise to God today for caring about the details –

*the spectrum of light which gives us such beautiful sunsets.

* how each one of us are so intricately created so differently, yet all in his image.

*my 2 year-old granddaughter’s sparkling blue eyes.

*my 5 year-old grandson’s growing intellect as he figures out where we live on the map.

*the loving smile of my husband for 35 years.

I praise God for he is a God of order and excellence!

Chaos and disorganization do not come from him.

In God’s creation there is a right place for everything, a right color and a right material it needs to be made from.

We can be assured that God cares about all of the details of our lives.  He really does number the hairs on our heads!

Thank you, Abba Father.







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