Living Within Us

When we accept Jesus as our Savior,   God gives us eternal life AND the gift of his Spirit who guides us through life here on earth.

God’s Spirit reveals truth to us.  He shows us areas of our lives that need to change.

He speaks to us.  You know the little voice in our heads that we call our conscience?  That is the sense of right and wrong that God planted inside each of us.  When we become Christ-followers, God’s Spirit uses that voice to talk to us.  As we learn more about God and walk closer to him, that voice grows louder.



Easier to understand.May 14 2016 Living within us

We become more confident that we’re hearing from God because his voice in our head and what we’re reading in God’s word line up.  They are saying the same thing.

God’s spirit is alive within us!  What a miracle!

We are so blessed!

In our Journey through the Bible, we are reading in 1 Kings about King Solomon building a temple for God.  He asked God why he would come down to live in this temple with mere humans.

How amazing that, because of what Jesus did for us, God not only dwells on earth, his Spirit now dwells within every believer!

Solomon was very wise but not even he could have predicted that God had such a radical plan for redeeming us!

For God so loved the world!

Thank you, Abba Father.


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