How Great!

How Great is our God!sept-16-2016-how-great-a

We can’t understand him!  His existence will never end.

Raindrops fall at his command – purified as they pour out of the clouds.   His thunder rolls out of the heavens and he scatters his lightening – sending it down to the depths of the sea.

His lightening hits its mark.  His thunder announces the approaching storm so that all creatures know its coming.

His majestic voice roars with the thunder – resounding out over the earth.  His voice is marvelous – beyond our understanding.

He sends the snow and the mighty downpour of rain to stop people from their labor so they can see and know his mighty work.sept-16-2016-how-great-b

‘The breath of God produces ice and the broad waters become frozen.’ (Job 37: 10 ).

He loads the clouds with moisture and his lightening flashes through them as they swirl over the face of the earth according to his commands.  His clouds can punish people.  They can also water his earth and show his love.

How Great is Our God!

We love you, Abba Father.


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