Psalm 89A, 2016

I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever.

I will tell everyone about your faithfulness to me.sept-18-2016-psalm-89a

I am confident that your love for us has no end.  You say in your Word that we, as believers, are your chosen ones.  We are a part of your church which is the Bride of Christ.

We join with all creation to praise you, LORD!

No one and nothing compares with you.  You are more awesome than all who surround you.  You rule over the sea and the waves.  The heavens and earth are yours and everything in them.

You created the north and the south.sept-18-2016-psalm-89a-b

You are powerful and strong.

You define justice and righteousness as well as love and faithfulness.

We are blessed when we walk in your light and truth, LORD.

We rejoice all day long because we know you.  You are our strength and our protector.

We will sing of your great love forever, Abba Father!

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