My Greatest Treasure

My greatest treasure is not money,

or fame,

or a lot of ‘stuff’.

My  greatest treasure is wisdom.  Wisdom – so I can navigate successfully through all of the valleys and hills and curves and u-turns of my life.  I’ve been memorizing wisdom scripture this last 3 years and it has been extremely valuable this last year as tragedy blew my life apart.

James tells us in his first chapter that God gives us generous amounts of wisdom when we ask for it.  I’ve been asking and I’m not going stop.

We read in 1 King 10 that the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon.  She was not interested in Solomon’s wealth – she was extremely rich herself.  She was not interested in his palaces or any of his numerous possessions.  She came to test his wisdom.  That’s what motivated her to take a 1200 mile trip on a camel through a desert filled with thieves and criminals.

When the Queen of Sheba asked Solomon all of her many questions, he had an answer for everything.

She was surprised.

She didn’t think that was possible.

She talked about how happy Solomon’s people must be to be able to hang out with him and hear this wisdom every day.

All wisdom comes from God.  It is our greatest treasure.

Thank you for generously giving us wisdom when we ask,  Abba Father.

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