Not A Spectator Sport

It takes an effort.

It takes action.

It takes committment and perseverance.

Living a life of faith is not a spectator sport.  God tells me in Proverbs 2 to turn my ear to wisdom, apply my heart to understanding, call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding.

I must look for wisdom and insight like it is silver and search for it as I would search for hidden treasure.

How would I look for hidden treasure?  I would research information about the person who hid it which would help me figure out where they would hide it.  I would look for a map or any guidance that might be available.  And I would search for the tiniest spark, the smallest glimmer which could lead me to the treasure itself.

This is how God wants me – and you – to pursue him.


On purpose.

Taking advantage of every opportunity.

When I do that, I will find him and will be filled with his wisdom and knowledge of him.

Then, I will understand the right and just and fair thing to do and I will find the right path he has prepared for me.

This filling will not happen one hour on Sunday morning.  It will not happen in a 5 minute morning devotion.

Living a committed life of faith is not a spectator sport.

Thank you for how clear your word is to us in this area, Abba Father.


What do you think?

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