Is There a Difference?

Do I act differently?  Do different words come out of my mouth?  Do I look different?

Is there an obvious difference in my life because I’m a Christ- follower?  More than just the fact that I go to church?

There should be a difference – right?  It should be all different – how I act and speak and look.  God is in the process of transforming me  – a big religious word for this is sanctification.  Believing in God, trusting in Jesus and obeying the Holy Spirit’s promptings and guidance should change my life from what it would be without God.

I’m reading in Exodus that Moses’ face was radiant after he met with God.  What would it take for my face to radiate after meeting with God?  What about your face?

I know Moses actually went inside the tent and ‘met’ with God but I also meeting-with-god‘meet’ with God every time I read and study his word.  I meet with him when I have a conversation with him in prayer.   And when I worship him.

Do my meetings with God change me?  Do I let him transform me from the inside out so that it’s obvious I have met with God?

What would it mean for us to genuinely radiate God’s love and mercy and truth in our lives?

Please open our eyes and our hearts, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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