Come…. Now Go!

Jesus calls us to come,come-to-me-then-go

receive his gift of grace,

accept his leadership of our lives,

accept his love and freedom….

and then he tells us to Go!

Share the Good News with our family.

Share what we’re learning with our friends.

Share the truth with our neighbors.

Share our new joy and purpose with everyone we come in contact with.

He did this very same thing with his apostles in Matthew 9.


Because people need to know.

Then – and now.

The light of the world has come!  There is no longer a reason to remain in the darkness!

Jesus has answers to all of our questions.  He gives us joy!




What else are you looking for?  Jesus has it.

Come and see!

The Rising Sun……

has come to us from heaven.Oct 20 2015 the rising sun

He came because of God’s tender mercy toward us.

He came to shine on us –

  • because we were lost in darkness.
  • we were in the shadows of death.

He came to guide our feet onto the path of peace.

The question for us today is –

Are we walking in the light of the Rising Sun?

Are we listening?

Are we obeying?

Are we following the paths of peace as we live out the truth and grace Jesus brought with him from heaven?

Please help us, dear Father.

Great Love – Psalm 89a, 2015

We will sing about the Lord’s great love forever!

We are witnesses to your faithfulness in our lives, dear God. Sept 18 a 2015 psalm 89 great love

Long ago you established a covenant with David which you fulfilled by sending your own son to save a lost and broken world.  Jesus now sits on your right hand in heaven.

We join with all creation in praising your wisdom and your faithfulness, Oh Lord!  No one compares with you.

You are more awesome and respected than any one else!

You are in control of all creation – the surging waves, all of the heavens and all of the earth.

You created north and south.

We praise you!

All power is in your hands.Sept 18 b psalm 89b, 2015 great love

You are all righteousness, justice, love and faithfulness.

We are blessed as we praise you and walk in your light, oh Lord.

We rejoice in your truth all day long, Father God.

You are everything good in our lives.  You are our strength.

You are our shield and our king.

You are the Holy One.

We praise your name, Abba Father!

What I Didn’t Do

When we think about our sins, we often focus on the things we did or said that we shouldn’t have.  These are our sins of commission.Feb 23 b 2015 what I didn't do

We don’t think about our sins of omission as often.  These are the things we should have done but didn’t:

* a word of encouragement to a leader at our church.

* a pat on the back to a co-worker.

* a special treat for a mother or father.

* a smile to stranger.

That last one reminds me of a recent Thursday morning when I was walking through a restaurant where my Bible Study small group meets bright and early at 6 am.  As I walked past a man sitting at the eating counter by himself, he looked at me and I felt a nudge from God so I made eye contact, smiled and said, ‘hi’.  Instead of greeting me back, he said, ‘Thank you”.

A thank you.

I got the impression that he really needed someone in this restaurant crowded with groups of people to acknowledge his existence and smile.  I’m really glad I didn’t miss that opportunity, that nudge from the Holy Spirit.

I wish I could say that I was always listening and responding to those nudges, but if I said that, it would be a sin of commission 🙂  Because it’s not true.

It was just a very small encounter at the start of a hectic day, but God has used it to remind me to be ready to respond to his nudges.  Who else in my world is looking for a smile and a ‘hi’?

Are there people in your world who need a smile and a ‘hi’?  Or a word spoken?  Or a door opened?  Or a text sent?  Or a card given?

Dear Father, please open our eyes to the things we might fail to do without your nudge.  We don’t want to miss the opportunity to be your light.


You are the Light….

of the world, ” Jesus tells us in Matthew 5.

Our light should give light to everyone in our house.  It should shine out to the point that those who see it are impressed with our God.

So how bright is our light shining today?October 26 2013

It’s good to take an objective look at our faith journey at least once a year to make sure we’re still growing.  God has called us to shine His light right where we live so that others may be drawn to him.  And our goal should be to shine brighter and brighter every year until God brings us home to heaven.

To grow, we need to find more time and more ways to place our mind, body and spirit into God’s presence so he can transform us.  Worship, serving, prayer and Bible study with others and by ourselves are great ways for us to continue to grow into the people God created us to be.

Too often I see older Christians who have become discontent and crabby.  They don’t like what the pastor says or does.  They are extremely quick to point out anything and everything that’s wrong with their church and with their family.

I think God calls us to grow more Christ-like as we grow older, not more crabby.   As we walk this path of faith, we are supposed to be learning more patience and more compassion and more contentment and more wisdom so we can become an increasing blessing to the people around us and our church family.

That’s my goal – to become more Christ-like, not more crabby.

What’s yours?