Kind of Sad

As we read through the last chapters of Judges, we see that the Israelites were trying to take care of problems and issues but they were still making bad decisions. March 24 2015 Kind of Sad

The tribes were fighting against each other and almost anihilated the Benjamites.

After all the other tribes made a vow against the Benjamites, they quickly proceeded to figure out a ‘work around’ to the vow.

They were obviously struggling.

And its kind of sad.

But – think about it – they didn’t have the word of God written out for them like we do.  The Bible I have opened on my lap right now is a huge blessing.  I can read God’s word anytime I want.

They also didn’t have the Holy Spirit living inside of them like we do.  What a difference!  We have a constant companion who will guide us and comfort us and reveal the truth to us and correct us – we just need to listen and do our part.

I can’t imagine trying to live a life that pleases God without having the Holy Spirit.

It would probably look a lot like what the Israelites went through in the Old Testament.

Thank you, dear Father, for the blessings of your word and your Holy Spirit in our lives.

What do you think?

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