My Tent

When I read about Moses meeting with God in Exodus 43:42, I imagine Charlton Heston walking into a tent and a cloud lowering over it. That would be a truly awesome experience!

And then I imagine me sitting on my couch with my Bible in my hands (like I am right now) and a cloud lowering over me as God talks with me. Because that’s what he’s doing when I read his word – he’s talking with me.

It’s a very intriguing image, isn’t it?

 As we sit down with him and listen, what are we hearing?

When I read these instructions from God about all of the different sacrifices the Israelites needed to make, I’m thinking about my life and is there anything I need to give up (sacrifice) in order to get into a closer relationship with God?

Dear Father, like Moses, we ask you to let us know your ways so that we may understand you more fully and continue to enjoy your favor.

What do you think?

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