Stirred Up Hearts

Can you imagine what it looked like when the whole community of Israel went into their tents and came out with so many offerings that they had all of the materials needed for the Tabernacle? Exodus 35: 21 tells us that their hearts were stirred and their spirits were moved.

And then The Bible goes on to tell us that all of the people volunteered their skills. Some of the women were skilled in sewing while others were skilled in spinning. God gifted many of the craftsmen with the special skills that they needed in order to build the sanctuary. I wish I could have seen that sanctuary – I bet it was spectacular!

It’s still happening!  When I look around me, I see people everywhere that God is gifting with special skills to accomplish what he wants done today.  When our spirits are moved and we bring our offerings to God with a willing heart, he enables us to do his will – sometimes in truly spectacular ways and sometimes in special, small ways. But always in ways that bring joy to us and glory to him.

Dear Father, we ask you to move our spirits and stir our hearts today so that we are ready to do the work you will enable us to do right here in our neighborhood, our school, our workplace.

What do you think?

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