A Revelation

Mark tells us that Herod respected John the Baptist and liked to listen to him even though the things they talked about greatly disturbed Herod.
That’s a sure sign of the Holy Spirit working.
Have you had this happen to you? It’s happened to me many times.  Something catches my attention while I’m reading the Bible or listening to the Sunday message and then – BAM! – it hits me!  This is about me! This is God speaking about my life. A light goes on. Trumpets in my head blare out Tah-tah-da!
Sometimes its an awesome experience because it brings an understanding that I was searching for.
Other times having a light shine on something in my life is a deeply disturbing experience because it requires repentence and change. More than once I have walked out of church very angry because of the truth the Spirit had revealed to me about me and I just didn’t like it.
But not liking it doesn’t change the truth, does it?
Dear Father, we claim your promise that you will change us from the inside out if we let you. We ask you to renew our minds and transform our hearts.

One thought on “A Revelation

  1. Carolyn Cates

    You are very correct, Judy! Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow. For me, that’s one of the ways I’ve noticed that it’s God speaking, and not my own voice. It will run counter to my natural mind, but always true to everything He’s pointing out elsewhere in the Bible. And it will be very uncomfortable, even distressing. For instance, I had to digest a huge slice of humble pie while reading Esther a couple of years ago. God tapped me on the shoulder and said “You know, that Haman fellow, desiring position and glory? That’s you!”. Gulp! Happens very often, actually. I pray that my heart remains open to what God is saying and the seed He’s planting falls on good soil. The Word definitely changes your life if you let it!!

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